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Monday, May 12, 2008

10th May: Giant FCR3


My bike was stolen today at 1.20pm from outside University College Hospital London. It is a Women's Giant FCR3 Road Bike. It is white and grey, and it was missing its front wheel when stolen as I had taken it with me hopefully deterring thieves how wrong was I!

Also I was in the hospital visiting and was able to view my bike from the window - I saw someone looking a bit off hanging around near the bike rails and cut my visit short, only to discover the thief had taken it on my way out of the building.

Also, just for anyone else reading this - stolen bikes are sold on Brick Lane daily, if you want to find your missing bike i would start there. But obviously don't buy from there!!!

If you have any information on this bike email

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5th May Ladies Mountain Bike

Dear Stolenbikelondon,

My bike got stolen between the 4th and 5th of May from the bikeshed outside my block of flats in Warren Way, Edgware, HA8, North West London. It was a black ladies' 26" mountain bike with full suspension. It had stickers but I took them off, but there was glue left on the frame. The metal parts are mostly rusty but the rear wheel was new. The handlebar had the attachment for a front headlight and the pedals were broken. Unfortunately, I have no photograph. I had already been locking it without the seat (as it had previously been stolen), but they took it nonetheless. I naively put the d-lock through the front wheel but failed to put it through the frame, they cut my chain lock and took the frame and back wheel. It has a white sticker that says "handmade" and a crudcatcher front mudguard. It is not the first (and will not be the last) bike to be stolen from the bikesheds outside the block of flats. I think mine is the 10th bike to be stolen in the past 3-4 months. If found, there is a £30 reward.

If you have any information on this bike please email

2nd May: Brompton L3

My wife's Brompton L3 was stolen on Friday 2nd May. The theft occurred in broad daylight in front of Tate Modern, with millions of tourists around. The bike was locked to the railing next to the slope leading to the turbine hall entrance (on the busier side closer to the river). The bike was locked together with three others. Foolishly, it was locked with a D-lock (through the little triangle in the frame) to a metal cable that held the three other bikes together. The thief cut the cable in the middle of the tourist crowd.

The bike is a red L3, the frame being stamped "148606 BS 6102 PART1". The bike had a folding pedal and a plastic block at the front to fit a luggage bag. It is pretty old, but has a new rear mudgard and front wheel. The saddle had been replaced two years ago and is a "Bodyfit". Other distinctive features are:
- broken front mudgard, fixed with grey tape
- cover of the gear switch (on the handle bar) broken and missing
- little LED light on the front mudgard (instead of standard cateye)
- rear tyre worn on the side
- LED rear lamp on seat post
- little wire hook that holds front wheel to frame when folded covered with grey tape (instead of original rubber coating)

If you see our bike, please contact or tell the police (we have reported the theft).

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Organised theft outside Rio cinema Dalston

Dear stolenbikelondon,

Last night between 9 and 11 pm my wife's bike was stripped of handlebars, black brooks saddle with a splash of white paint and chorus seat post, front and rear deralliers, rear wheel and cables. Campag chorus levers/shifters and front band-on mech, centaur rear mech medium cage. Rear wheel, cetaur hub/ open-pro rim, continental gatorskin 28mm tyre

My rear wheel was stolen, its very ditinctive with a 27" falco deep silver rim, royce track hub and 27 x 1.25 continental gatorskin tyre. The hub, whilst shiny, was getting on a a little crunchy. The spoke pattern was 3 leading/ 3 following you'd know what i meant if you saw it.

There was a black car parked right next to the bikes with someone hammering at the door for about 90 minutes while the bikes were being stripped, the owner -according to the manager of the shop next door, was called Syed. A white van -owned by the shop manager - was parked up between the cctv camera and the bikes (it wasn't there when we locked up the bikes) A man standing in the shop doorway a few feet from the bikes, denys seeing anything....

Its been reported to the stoke-newington police.

We're usually very careful, its only my second experience of bike theft in 15 years of daily cycling.

Thanks for keeping your eyes open and warning others,


Stolen: Black 20" 1997 Pashley Princess Classic (ladies) with wicker basket & leather Brooks saddle

Black 20" 1997 Pashley Princess Classic (ladies!) with wicker basket & leather Brooks saddle.

Stolen from a garage on St Andrews Road, West Kensington on Tuesday 29th May 2008. Looks virtually new, but there is a full length vertical crack in her chain case. There's also a neon orange/black dealer sticker near the seatpost Answers to the name of Gladys...

Totally gutting. I love this bike to bits. I would assume it's unusual for a Pashley to get passed on in the street, as they're hardly a trendy ride for a teenage boy. If people could keep their eyes peeled for any Pashley Princesses being sold on second-hand in the area, or sees anything fitting this description on Gumtree, or similar I'd be so grateful if you could get in touch.

My boyfriend's gold/black Decathlon Rockrider 22" frame (again, looking fairly new) was taken at the same time. Double whammy :(