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Thursday, February 28, 2008

26 February: Wheelset

I had my wheels stolen off my Orange Mercian right outside my work in full view of all at approx 10am, they are chrome Phil Wood hubs on Mavic CPX33s with no stickers& specialized Mondo slick tires.
I work in Printers Yard, where Old Street meets the Hackney Road.

Any info really appreciated!

If you have any info on these wheels email

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gang Of Thives Targeting Pubs In Hackney

A Friend was at The Prince George the other day and the landlord came up to him asking if that was his bike out side, he said yeah, why? and the landlord told him that there's a gang that always drive around in a van full of power tools and pinch all the bikes from there every weekend. The pub staff try to scare them off, but they just come back a few minutes later.
He reckoned they do all the pubs in the area.

They seem to come around 11pm and if they can't get bikes they will strip the parts. They also target the Birdcage.

22nd February: Wheelset

The wheels off this bike stolen tonight near the Prince George e8

Blue Phil Wood hubs laced to green Velocity Deep Vs very rare combination

If you have any information email

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

20th February: on-one mtb, Schwinn Heavyduty, Raleigh Explorer

a white on-one INBRED frame from 3-4 years ago (has "reject" stickers all over it), fitted with pricy FOX tala$$$$ forks (imported from the US) , HOPE hydraulic brakes, rear wheel has a red SRAM cassette (both wheels are made by on one, with reetard rims), and his name was engraved on most parts of his bike (noticeably the frame, it was done with a real engraver too), along with his phone number. (W. Cleary)

some scum bag got into our house and helped themselves to his bike and someone's camera which was left in the same room by the entrance. it's been reported to the police and my mate says he sent a mail to the stolen bike blog too (although it's been a few days and nothing has come up still).

if you see parts of it (i expect they won't try to sell it as a whole bike), please let me know. this "burglary" happened on bethnal green road, at the corner of brick lane

If you have any information on this bike email

Stolen Outside HSBC bank Russel Sq on Wed!

26" Schwinn Heavyduty - Mtb/Cruiser with Surly D/O's fitted.

Red primer color.
Hope Hub brakes etc..

Anyone see this scoot around, call in @ bikefix - Holborn.


If you have any information on this bike email

Wanted (back):
The Raleigh Explorer women's bike (silver, pink, liliac) that was stolen on Saturday 16th February in Iliffe street around 2:30 pm.

You know who you are and I strongly recommend you give to it back!

If you have any information on this bike email

19th February: BH tourmalet

i foolishly left it on ivor street in camden with an inadequate lock on saturday night.

its the only BH tourmalet frame i've ever seen in this country so not hard to spot!

red "bh tourmalet" steel frame, red san marco saddle, cheap rigida wheels from the 90's with red vittoria tyres, kmc gold bmx chain, scraped up look 136 pedals and quite a lot of grime.

it wasn't a valuable bike but i was very attached to it.

Any information on this bike please email

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stolen Bike Map

I have created a stolen bike map for the right side of the page. If you have had a bike stolen in the past year email the details to and I will map it.

I will also be trying to get a lot more traffic directed to this site, as that will make it more effective. I am working on some fliers, as well as getting in touch with the London Cycling Campaign, and other London cycling groups and clubs.

I am planing a few events for the spring, and more details will come as I sort them out.

Brick Lane Beware

From the London fixed gear forum:

Something a bit odd happened in brick lane this Wednesday after (my rather pathetic attempt at) polo. Was sitting in the bar right at the top of brick lane (on the right hand side) with my bike chained to 2 lamp posts in my line of site. This old guy came up to it, started checking it out, then lifted it up (at this point i bolted to the door clenching my fists). By the time I was right next to him he was making some suspicious arm gestures (golf swing?) to what appeared to be a window on the top floor of a building across bethnal green road, to the left of the street that the polo court is on. I dropped my bag on the floor and curtly told him to piss off, got a good look at his face in the process. While i was unlocking my bike I noticed half a magnet on the top tube. Cycled home feeling pretty angry.

I can only assume that
a) this guy (wearing a check blue shirt, blue jeans, heavy (fat) build, greying/thinning/shortish mousy brown hair, bright blue eyes (and with a squint)) had marked my bike with the magnet for someone else to come along and steal it(I had 2 locks on it, mini kryptonite and an abus cable lock);
and b) The people who would come along with bolt cutters etc were in the building across the street.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

15th February: Surly Steamroller

a passer by who saw the attack take place chased off the attackers, and picked up the bike while another called an ambulance. The bike owner contacted him, and will be getting the bike back.

full story-(now that I have stopped spitting up blood)

Was walking home with (a mate), decided against his better judgment to ride home, got lost somewhere was punched of my bike, lay on the floor winded, got a few slaps in the head, kicked in the ribs etc.
These kids, 3 of them took my bag, emptied out the good stuff, phones, wallet, dumped it ran off with my Steamroller.
Somebody called an ambulance and I had to go to the hospital to get my chest x-rayed.

I rang my phone and someone called Michael in Woodford apparently answered it and said his son "found" all my stuff. I asked for it back and he hung up the phone and turned it off.

Keep an eye out people:

Surly Steamroller 56CM
Handlebars and Stem:
No-brand, Oury Grips
Fork and Headset:
Surly Stock, Cane Creek S3
Front wheel:
System-X on on Halo Freedom Disc(36H), Schwalbe Marathon Plus(28)
Rear wheel:
System-X flip/flop on Halo Freedom Disc(36H), Schwalbe Marathon Plus(28)
Crankset and Bottom bracket:
Stronglight/Stronglight 46
Saddle and Seat Post:
White SP Alias, Post Easton EA50
Pedals and Chain:
Time ATAC Carbon, Salt 1/2 Link
Cog/Gearing et cetera:
Ra - Ace 16

If you have any information on this bike please email

Thursday, February 14, 2008

13th February Olmo Fixed gear

I moved to London a few weeks ago and had my first day of work today. At 9 am I locked my bike to a lamp post on Duke Street right next to the Selfridges staff entrance. Once I left for home at around 4 pm it was gone. No lock left or anything. I had a late 80's early 90's olmo fixie conversion. I'm completely pissed off and miserable because I had repainted the frame, gotten rid of all the unnecessary brazings (bottle cage bolt holes, gear shifter places, rear derailleur hanger etc..) and even filled in the bottle cage brazing holes. It was like a my own kid or something like that. I have been building it up for about 3 years now and I finally got it into a configuration that I was happy with about a week ago. The bike is very distinctive and there will not be another in london. If someone sees someone riding it then they have my permission to kick their teeth in, take the bike and call me at 07521 321360 (the name's Alvi).


Frame and Fork: Custom Olmo resprayed (53cm if I can remember right)
Headset: Campag
Stem: 3ttt quill stem
Handlebar: Sakae Champion Chopped and Flopped
Seatpost: Thomson Elite Inline
Saddle: Old Brooks B17 (full hard plastic)
Front Brake Caliper: shimano 105
Front Brake Lever: DIrty Harry BMX
Front Wheel: Mavic cxp23 anodized red laced to a CODA hub
Rear Wheel: Planet-X rim laced to a On-one hub
Cranks: Shimano 105
Chainring: Sugino 48t
Chain: KMC gold
Tyres: Continental Ultra

If you have any information on this bike email

Monday, February 11, 2008

10th February Green Fixed Wheel


i've been recently converted to the delights of fixed gear riding by xxxxxxx.
got myself a beautiful, reconditioned converted road frame number from fixedgearlondon.
I've been loving every minute of it.

but then...

in a moment of madness, I left it unattended outside a filthy takeaway in newington green on thursday night.
5mins later, I turned round to catch the thief peddling off, laughing.

I am heartbroken.

any sign of it out on those streets, please let me know.
It's hard to miss: a large frame (58+) british green racing machine.

mavic pro wheels. yellow-gold leather seat.

If you have any information on this bike email

Friday, February 8, 2008

7th February 2008: Odge custom, S Works Epic

Please help!

My beautiful british green racing machine was stolen last night after i stupidly left it outside a filthy takeaway shop in Newington Green. I'll only be 5 minutes I said... I turned around to see the geezer jump on it and ride away. I chased after him but he and the bike was too fast. This is an Odge special custom built fixed gear number which I would dearly love to have back. With or without the thief's testicles. If you sight it on the streets please let me know. Look out for a large british steel frame with gold leather seat, mavic pro wheels, chrome components.


If you have any information about this bike please email

Specialized S works epic 05 silver. Nicked from Finsbury Park area.

If you have any information about this bike please email

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bike Vandalized: Brick Lane

This bike was not stolen, it was attacked where it was locked, while people on the street, and the door man of City Spice, who told the owner to lock it there while he ate inside, watched. No one warned the owner, or told him about it until he left City Spice. The Bike was locked out side of number 6 Woodseer st E1, we cannot be sure it was the man in the window that attacked the bike, but if he did not he saw it happening and did nothing.

exerts from his post to
Tonight, much against my better judgement, I went to dinner with friends at a curry house on Brick Lane.
As my friends went into the restaurant, I asked the bloke out on the street who was trying to hustle people in to eat where I could leave my bike and he directed me down Woodseer St. There was a street sign with a bike locked to it and just opposite it on the building a basement window with an iron grating. As I was locking my bike up, someone was unlocking his bike from the street sign and this guy who had parked his car next to the pole was giving him shit for locking his bike so close to his car, so I left my bike chained to the basement window grating (the window was covered over with newspaper, so I didn't think anyone would mind) on Woodseer st with my kryptonite chain through the rear wheel and frame and a d-lock through the front wheel and the frame.

About an hour later, I popped up again to check on it and something wasn't right. The saddle was missing but the rails where still attached to the frame... I noticed the bars where bent too..
That's when I noticed that the front tire was not just flat, it was completely deflated. I looked more closely and saw that the tire had been sliced clean through with a knife, and so had the rear tire.

That's when the window above where I'd left the bike opened.

"Hey, mate," a man says, "you should have asked permission before locking your bike under my window"


"You should have asked permission. You can't just go locking your bike under someone's window."

"Excuse me?"

"Your lucky your bike is still here."

"Did you do this?"

"You should have asked permission"

"But did you do this?"

"I'm just saying, you should have asked"

3rd February 2008: Charge Plug

My bike was nicked on the night of February second/ morning of the third from my house on the Kingsland road in Hackney. It is a Charge Plug with white velocity's on and trimmed handlebars with white grips. Needless to say it was my pride and joy! Anyway if anybody happens to see it, tries to flog to you or shows it off, be sure to give them a bollocking.
Thank you for reading.


If you have any information about this bike please email us

What to do when your bike is stolen

You come out of the coffee shop, and walk to where you locked your bike, but its not there, on the ground are two broken locks. Its happened to all of us, now here is what you should to to maximize the chance of getting your bike back.

Unless you can see the thief attempting a get away do not ring 999, the police do not consider this an emergency. Phone 02072301212 (the New Scotland Yard switchboard) and ask to be put through to the nearest police station, they will be more helpful. Go to the station and make a detailed report, note the officers names and numbers, the station they are from, the stations phone number and your case number.

Write down as many details as possible. What time did you lock up your bike, when did you last see it locked up, what locks you used, the location, and any other details. If you have a camera with you snap some pictures of the broken locks and what it was locked to. This will help if you try to claim from your home owners, renters, or cycle insurance.

Email us a detailed description of the bike, when and where it was stolen, how it was locked, and a few recent pictures. The more details the better. Post an add on gumtree with as much information as possible. Go to markets, Brick Lane is notorious for thieves selling stolen bikes on Sunday.