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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

2nd May: Brompton L3

My wife's Brompton L3 was stolen on Friday 2nd May. The theft occurred in broad daylight in front of Tate Modern, with millions of tourists around. The bike was locked to the railing next to the slope leading to the turbine hall entrance (on the busier side closer to the river). The bike was locked together with three others. Foolishly, it was locked with a D-lock (through the little triangle in the frame) to a metal cable that held the three other bikes together. The thief cut the cable in the middle of the tourist crowd.

The bike is a red L3, the frame being stamped "148606 BS 6102 PART1". The bike had a folding pedal and a plastic block at the front to fit a luggage bag. It is pretty old, but has a new rear mudgard and front wheel. The saddle had been replaced two years ago and is a "Bodyfit". Other distinctive features are:
- broken front mudgard, fixed with grey tape
- cover of the gear switch (on the handle bar) broken and missing
- little LED light on the front mudgard (instead of standard cateye)
- rear tyre worn on the side
- LED rear lamp on seat post
- little wire hook that holds front wheel to frame when folded covered with grey tape (instead of original rubber coating)

If you see our bike, please contact or tell the police (we have reported the theft).

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