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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Organised theft outside Rio cinema Dalston

Dear stolenbikelondon,

Last night between 9 and 11 pm my wife's bike was stripped of handlebars, black brooks saddle with a splash of white paint and chorus seat post, front and rear deralliers, rear wheel and cables. Campag chorus levers/shifters and front band-on mech, centaur rear mech medium cage. Rear wheel, cetaur hub/ open-pro rim, continental gatorskin 28mm tyre

My rear wheel was stolen, its very ditinctive with a 27" falco deep silver rim, royce track hub and 27 x 1.25 continental gatorskin tyre. The hub, whilst shiny, was getting on a a little crunchy. The spoke pattern was 3 leading/ 3 following you'd know what i meant if you saw it.

There was a black car parked right next to the bikes with someone hammering at the door for about 90 minutes while the bikes were being stripped, the owner -according to the manager of the shop next door, was called Syed. A white van -owned by the shop manager - was parked up between the cctv camera and the bikes (it wasn't there when we locked up the bikes) A man standing in the shop doorway a few feet from the bikes, denys seeing anything....

Its been reported to the stoke-newington police.

We're usually very careful, its only my second experience of bike theft in 15 years of daily cycling.

Thanks for keeping your eyes open and warning others,


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