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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Any one lose a langster?

From London Gumtree

I have SPECIALISED LANGSTER bike very nice + lite with skiny wheels racinfg bars need new back whele coz pedals dont stop when going round corner
cheep price coz need new whele and only got 1 brake on front whele
not my bike selling it for my uncle as he got new moped
no sms coz mobile is broke bike like pic but brown can meet at tube today

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

4th September Rondinella Track Bike

This bike has been recovered

Thursday night, Homerton outside a chicken shop. Someone nicked Jack's orange Rondinella track 1970s frame.

A few days after this bike was stolen he son of the owner of Bobby's Supperstore offered to sell it to the a freind of the owner. The freind arranged to buy the bike, and went to contact the police, they said there was nothing they could do as Jack (the bikes owner) had not reported it stolen. As the police would not help, Jack's freind paid the seller of the bike 50 pounds, to get it back. The guy who had the bike claimed he got it from a tramp for 80 pounds.

8 September Gary Fisher HiFi Pro

My bike was stolen yesterday (8th September 2008) from the rear of my office 68 Wood Lane, London TW7 7EW. It is a 26inch wheeled mountain bike, a Gary Fisher HiFi Pro full suspension in satin white with very distinctive pink Halo Twin Rail tyres. The bike was set up for a 6 foot tall rider with a long seaat post and several spacers on the headset. Black wide riser handlebars and XT componentry throught. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures as the frame was a warranty replacement and only two weeks old. Yes I know - next time I will get pictures taken immediately.

We think the thief was disturbed as he came back for more but unfortunately the security gate to the 'secure' car park is never locked and the CCTV from the rear of the building which is watched by security guards is not working due to building work. The lock and cable on the bike was made short work of with some form of bolt cutter.

If you have any information about this bike please email

2 September Black and Red Fixed gear


My bike was stolen outside woodside park station last night between 6pm and 11pm.

It is very distinctive fixed wheel bike - All black with red, deep rims and red cow horn bars and a red chain.

£100 reward for it finding and return please :D


If you have any information about this bike please email

28 August Raleigh Ladies Mountian Bike

Hi all fellow victims of crime

My siver Raleigh ladies mountain bike was stolen Thursday 28th August from the bike racks out the front of the Hampstead Theatre, Swiss Cottage. The one day of the year I didn't park in my work grounds (Central School of Speech & Drama) across, due to building works. The theif left my front wheel and lock- how generous! The bike also has a silver panier rack on the back and black bottle holder. It is a very heavy bike which gave me back and knee ache. Good luck to whom ever has it!!!

If you have any information about this bike please email

25 August Mens Mountain Bike

Hi my bike was stolen from outside kingsland shopping centre on monday
25th - proably to fund somones crack habit.
I dont have any money to get a new one some i am obviously gutted by
whats happened. have listed a google map and a image
if anyone sees it please report it.,-0.075399&spn=0.000299,0.000603&t=h&z=21

Mountain Bike is an Excellent Machine. Upgraded from the Rock, it
features Suntour XCT 75mm Travel Suspension Forks to smooth out the
Terrain, Tektro Linear-Pull V-Brakes for Awesome Stopping Power,
24-Speed EZFire Alivio Gears for Efficient Pedalling & the Excellent
Formula Hubs with Alloy Rims for Strength & Durability.
# Frame: AluxX Aluminium
# Fork: Suntour XCT, 75mm Travel
# Cranks: Shimano TX70, 24/34/42T
# Bottom Bracket: RPM Cartridge
# Pedals: Resin, Anti-Slip
# Front Derailleur: Shimano C50
# Rear Derailleur: Shimano Acera
# Shifters: Shimano EZ Fire, 24-Speed
# Cassette: Shimano HG30, 11-32T
# Chain: KMC Z51
# Hubs: Formula
# Rims: LM Aluminium - black
# Tyres: Kenda 26x1.95"
# Brakes: Tektro Linear-Pull
# Brake Levers: Shimano
# Handlebar: Steel Riser
# Stem: Aluminium Ahead
# Saddle: Giant - black
# Seat Post: Aluminium
# Size: 24"
# Colour: Black


olly 07708223635

If you have any information about this bike please email

24 August Mens Hybird

This bike was stolen 24 August 2008 at Northumberland Avenue Bicycle Rack by Next and Charing X station. They cut through the lock. It has been reported to the police. If anyone sees it at Brick Lane or else where in London, please email

If you have any information about this bike please email

22 August Marin B17


My bike was stolen on friday 22nd August in the afternoon outside my office, 12 Printing House Yard, Perseverance Works, Hackney Road E2 7PR. The Abus lock was sheared with bolt cutters. It was a marin metallic pewter B17 hardtail with tribal black transfers, Mavic Black wheels, schwalbe road tyres. Back wheel had one silver spoke. Grips were black with silver metal clasps at each end, shimano derailleurs and shifters.

If you see our bike, please contact or tell the police (I have reported the theft).



If you have any information about this bike please email

12 July 2007 Trek 6000

Hi London cyclists,

My bike was stolen on Saturday 12th July 2008 in Holborn, Drake Street/Procter Street. It happened between 4 and 5 p.m.. It is a 2007 Trek 6000 Mountain Bike in silver, frame size 19,5 inch. The tyres I had changed to the thin Specialized Fat Boy and I had two black bottle holders fixed to the frame. The strange thing about it is that just when I locked it a guy (aged 15-20) was asking me how to get to Holborn Station. He was dressed in a light blue track suit, trainers (all Nike) and a baseball cap. He had a false diamond stud in his ear and looked as if he was from London, as if he knew where Holborn Station is. Spoiling his trendy look, he was carrying a small rucksack.

Having already excepted not to see my bike again I saw a guy cycling it today (Monday 28th July 2008) in Nelson Terrace/City Road, Islington. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get hold of it. I think the two persons, stealing it and cycling it could be the same person.

Although I dont have a lot of hope to see it ever again, I write this to let you know how things can come.
Cycling in London is a great thing but we have to be very watchful at any time to oppose thieves.

If you have any information on my bike email If you find it, there is a reward of £50.

Best regards, Michael

If you have any information about this bike please email

24 July Specialized Rockhopper

Hi There,

good blog!

my bike was stolen from brick lane on sunday in broad daylight outside a bar - they cut through the lock

this is the ad I stuck on gumtree to try and find it - please can you put up a blog post - thanks very much




Someone has just stolen my matt black Specialized Rockhopper from brick lane, East London, on Sunday 20th july 1pm -

If you see anyone trying to sell it please call me on 07717845662, or mail at

description below

Specialized Rockhopper
Matt Black
Front shocks
Disk brakes front and back
Road tyres (not knobbley)
Silver bull bars on front (left is positioned lower than the right)
Small 3mm chip to the metal on the top frame
Silver seat pole (most are black)

If you have any information about this bike please email

15 July 2005 Kona Cindercone

Hi , I have just recently had my pride and joy stolen from my workplace, between 11th July and 15th july.
Place stolen from - Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Road, London, opposite Southwark tube station.

The bike was locked to a sheffield stand with a £50 Kryptonite Flex lock in a 'secure' bicycle parking area at the side of the building which has apparently got CCTV coverage with security guards and accessed only by a building pass.

My bike - 2005 model year Battleship Grey Kona Cindercone frame.

Hope mono m4 hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.

Shimano XT hollowtech bottom bracket and chain set.

Hope rear hub.

Deore Xt front hub

Michelin hot s rear tyre coloured red

Black Tioga front tyre

Specialized body geometry saddle.

Cateye 6 led rear light mounted on seat post

Shimano clipless pedals with cage around small clipless pedal.

I know this is a long shot but if anyone sees the bike then either contact the Police or myself on 020 3054 1080, and leave a message if no-one answers.



If you have any information about this bike please email

7 July Carrera Subway 2

Hi all,

My bike was stolen on Monday 7th July 2008 between 09:00 and 12:30 from the bike racks in the middle of Holborn near to Holborn Circus (EC1N 2HS). This was the first day that I had ever ridden to work and I was really looking forward to keeping it up… how demoralising. The metal cable lock had been cut and left hanging on the rack.

The bike is a Carrera Subway 2 men’s mountain bike with 15 gears and disc brakes. It is a dark metallic grey with lighter grey logos on the frame and forks. There was also a small led light secured to the handle bars. A photo of the same type of bike (copied from an advertisement) is attached. Unfortunately I am new to London and was admittedly a bit na├»ve about the severity of bike thefts so I don’t have a record of the frame number. That won’t happen again.

Any information would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much,

If you have any information about this bike please email

12 July 2005 Gray Fisher Cake DLX


My bike was stolen a little after 2 pm on Saturday the 12, of July. It is a 2005 Gary Fisher Cake DLX 1. It was stolen from the Tesco on Circus Road in St. John's Wood. It has a blue and black paint job and had carbon seat post and handle bars. The frame is extremely large 21 inch, so unless some one is well over 6 feet tall, the rider will look very odd on it. Also this bike has extremely unusual front suspension, a Maverick front fork, which is similar to a dirt bikes front shocks. There was a Specialized tire on the rear wheel, which was quite noticable.

The bike is in mint shape and quite a rare bike, I was just about to leave to go to France to ride in the alps for a few day on it. As you can imagine, I'm gutted, I built the bike from the frame up, and this bike means a lot to me. If anyone has any information on this, please contact the police (I have reported it stolen) or this blog.

Many Thanks,


If you have any information about this bike please email

5 July Blue Single Speed

Hi there,

My bike was stolen outside Tay Fo Vietnamese Resteraunt (65 Kingsland Road E2 8AG) this evening between 20:15 & 21:00. Lock gone too.

Blue single speed, horizontal drop outs, orange velocity wheels. Pic attached.


If you have any information about this bike please email

4 July Trek Fuel 90

I had my bike stolen today chained up to a railing behind Bond Street W1. Ive attached a image of a similar bike (same model but not mine) it has a 17.5 in frame, full suspension, shimano xt components, disc brakes, no saddle as I always remove it, Mavic rims. bike serial number WL1725995. 2 locks were cut and removed with the bike - pretty professional job.

Trek Fuel 90
Frame WL1725995

Thanks for your help - brilliant web site idea.


If you have any information about this bike please email

3 July Claude Butler Levante

Dear Stolen Bike London,

My bike was stolen last night outside the Spurstowe Arms near London fields E8 1AB at 22:26. Its a Claude Butler Levante frame number PL05E00763. They cut straight through my chain. Any info would be much appreciated.



If you have any information about this bike please email

30 June Specialised Globe


My bike was stolen today between 16:40 and 17:30 from outside the library in Kentish Town. Broad daylight (naturally), and beautiful sunny day too. It's a Globe Specialised hybrid - only 1.5months old. Ha ha ha.

I'm wondering how many people have managed to retrieve their bikes using your website? And much as I previously disagreed wholeheartedly with the idea of purchasing stolen goods, how on earth can I afford a new one? No insurance...


If you have any information about this bike please email

21 June Laides Hero


My girlfriend's Black Ladies Bicycle. Labeled Hero, from India. Looks like an old raleigh with old fashioned brakes and mudgaurds. It has a newish squashy saddle. It is very distinctive as it has HERO cast into the front chainset and new BMX pedals. It has 3 speed Sturmy Archer gears and white tips on the mudguards. It was stolen from a back garden off the essex road Islington on tuesday 17th of May. It is a very special bike and we would like to get it back.

Thanks for your Help

If you have any information about this bike please email

20 June Specialized Langster

Hi, I got my bike nicked, heres a description and the thread from the single speed website I'm on under the name vedubkid:

My lovely Specialized Langster, the rust brown 07 model, was nicked from outside the Hope and Anchor last night, 14/06, between 22:30 and 23:45 from a lamp post between the Hope, and Budgens supermarket on Upper St. It had a yellow Time Again sticker on the top tube, and a US Bombs sticker on the down tube, probably bin removed by now, and a Crud Catcher mudguard. I have tried reporting this theft on the Met website but the feckin' site keeps crashing.

I didn't have a photo unfortunately. I've put a similar post on Gumtree, and bin down Brick Lane this morning but so far nada.

If you could put thi on the blog I'd appreciate it. Charlie

If you have any information about this bike please email

14 June Charge Plug, We The People BMX

Just had my front door kicked down @ 3:30am my road bike taxed as well as white We The People bmx

Road Bike- Dark Blue Charge Plug 08 size 56- fixed, white Deep Vs, white(mint humbug) vittoria rubinos, white charge grips, white old san marco saddle, white gusset bmx pedals, power grips. Slavery personified.

BMX- White we the people, black grips, black seat, black pegs right side, black 3 piece cranks

Charge is insured, bmx wasn't..

Pics are from the build (so no slack chain chat...) and one on the street after,minus the power grips, but bike was as described

Those bikes where my life- truly broken...

If you have any information about these bikes email

4 June Raliegh Lady's Mountain Bike

My bike was stolen from outside Liverpool Street Station between 3rd and 4th June. It was locked to one of the 4 bike stands just outside the main building, beside the outdoor seating area of Hamilton's Bar, and beneath 3 CCTV cameras. I'd been locking it there for 8 months. Blue-green Raleigh Lady's mountain bike, fairly old and battered looking. New rear tyre. Black carrier. attachments for lights at the front. One D lock through wheel and bicycle stand. One (new £40!) armour lock through wheel, frame, and bike stand. Strangely they also took the (cut/ broken) locks with them!

If you have any information about this bike please email

1 June Dawes Giro 500

Dear Stolen Bike London,

My bike was stolen on Sunday 1 June 2008 at 9:30am from outside Browns in Angel Islington.

It was a Dawes Giro 500 ladies racing bike, blue and white with bright blue handlebars and it was my pride and joy!!:(

Sadly, I actually saw the whole thing happen but was too far away to do anything. The thief casually walked up to the bike racks and I thought he was unlocking the bike next to mine. By the time I realised it was my bike he was already off down Essex Road.

I would recommend to anyone, if you love your bike, then fork out the extra £s for a decent lock that takes them at least a minute to get through!! I didn't and have paid the price.

If you have any information about this bike please email

29th May Woodrup Track Iron

Last Thursday my partner's 1972 Woodrup track Iron (serial number 1692) was
stolen in north London. It is green with orange lug work and is approximatly
22.5 -23 inch frame. It had a Resilion 32 hole front hub and Wolber Super
Champion Alpine 27 inch rims.

28 May Bianchi Pista

I had my bike stolen at the weekend!!! I wanted to put the information up here just in case anyone can help?!

Date: Saturday 24th May
Time: Between 2:30pm & 3:00pm
Location: Locked up across the road from Vinopolis, No.1 Bank End, London, SE1 9BU with my friends LeMond geared bike

if you have any information about this bike please email

27th May Trek 1000, Cannondale R500


I was having lunch at Wild Honey W1S 2FB on St George's Street in Mayfair when my bike was stolen. It was parked outside no 30 St George's Street at 1pm and I came out to check on it at around 2pm but when I left at 4pm it was gone and the lock was left behind.

It is a black Trek 1000 with sliver wheels, not the standard black, with brckets front and back for lights (but no lights on them) and a computer with a broken clip (so can't just be removed) on the front handle bars and a pump and bolttle holder (without pump and bottle)...I assume if it is being sold this would have been removed.

I have tried the buildign and the council just in case and will go to Bricklane police station to see if it has been seized from those shops.

Any help or advice would be great, thanks.

If you have any information about this bike please email

I lent my flatmate my beloved road bike which was stolen from his work. It is a 60 cm Deep Blue Cannondale R500 with Slice Ultra carbon forks, Gipiemme Italia fancy spoke wheels and new Bontrager hard case Black and grey tyres - it has Shimano Sora Flight deck dual control levers, A Shimano tiagra dual ring crankset and cannondale delta brakes - it is fitted with an old Selle San Marco race gel saddle. there is a small rip in the bar tape on the left side and the front derailleur does not shift (I have locked it to the big ring) there are some minor scratches, most notably one large one on the chainstay, and two small ones on the insides of the forks. Please email if you have any information or see it for sale - cheers

Stolen Thursday 22nd May between 3-5pm from

Millennium Bridge
One Paul's Walk

If you have any information about this bike please email

21 May 2007 Specialised Expedition

My Specialised Expedition Sport 2007 Womens Hybird bike was stolen today from outside Stratford Tube station in East London. Stolen in broad daylight and two locks cut right under a cctv camera. Go figure! The theft was reported to the Met Police.

Can you post it on your site? I know I probably won't see it again.... Here's a pic of me with it this morning..

If you have any information about this bike please email

18 May 2008 Condor Pista


I had my beloved 2008 Condor Pista stolen on sunday 18/05/08 from my garden.

Make: Condor
Model: Pista
Size: 56cm
Colour: Black with white
Handle bars: cut down aero bars with black tape.
Pedal: crank brother quattro
Flip flop hub with 18t and 15t(with condor logo on it) sprockets
Tyres: Gator Skins
Brand new brakes pads

Stolen from N19 late morning/early afternoon.
The police have been informed and local bike shops too, I've also contacted Brick Lane bike shop.
I am gutted I only had it six months.

Spent saturday morning cleaning and servicing it too.

Any sighting please let me know.

or tell the police.

If you have any information about this bike please email stolenbikelondon@gmail.come

14 May Specialized Allez

Stolen from opposite number 10 redchurch street, E2 Wed 14th May between
5.15 and 7.15pm

Specialized allez sport 57cm black with silver decals, 27spd, carbon fork
and seatpost, 5mm allen QR front wheel, big silver rear QR for towing an
extra wheel trailer, body geometry saddle, slightly bent mech hanger,
slightly buckled rear wheel, conti grand prix 4season front tyre,
specialized slick rear, small green NIBCO sticker at seatube/bb interchange,
two light brackets on bar, two on seatpost.

If you have any information on this bike please email

Back On Line.

I had been trying to find some one to take over the site for some time, as I had become busy, but had no takers. Due to this the site was not updated over the summer, I apologize for that, and will be back updating it now.

Today I will post the backlog of bikes left from last time I updated.