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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Parts Stolen From The George In Dalston

I have heard that parts stolen from the George in Dalston are turning up at the market on Kingsland road, just north of Middelton street. If any one goes there to check it out look out for these parts stolen from the George in the past few weeks:

Thompson Seatpost
WTP Seat
Titanium Seatpost: very wide diameter (ca 35mm) and long (maybe 400mm) with aluminum pump held inside by a rubber insert in the bottom end. Seat clamp is bonded and pinned into the top but has worked a bit loose. This is a size unique to Moultons
Brooks Pro saddle light brown with copper rivets.

If you see any one selling any of these parts, especially at the Kingsland road market, email us

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