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Monday, March 10, 2008

Two London Messengers Injured In One Week

Two messengers where seriously injured this past week, booth where hit by lorries. One was lucky to escape with an injured foot, but will not be able to work for some time. The other was dragged by the lorry that hit him, after intense surgery his legs where saved, he may walk but will never ride again. My thoughts and those of every one who helps out at Stolen Bike London are with them for a speedy recovery.

A fund to help support these messengers has been setup, and donations can be sent by paypal to bill.chidley(anti-spam replace with @) (mark them EC donation). there is also a general fund for inured messengers: the bicycle messenger emergency fund please help out if you can.

For those of you who don't know about the life of a messenger, we are paid per package per mile, and don't make enough to hold us if we are injured. Bicycle messenger continually ranks in the top ten most dangerous jobs, injuries are common. Most of us are independent contractors and not entitled to compensation for workplace injuries, or a labor union. When we get injured we cant work, we don't get paid, its a struggle to make ends meet.

This blog has a purpose, and I won't normally divert space from that, but I feel this is important, especially due to the severity of the injuries.

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