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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

5th April: Specialized Stumpjumper, Genesis Single Speed

Hi there,

If you could post this ad about 2 stolen bikes on your forum I would be very happy indeed.
2 bikes stolen from columbia road, saturday 5th april 2008.
1 specialized stumpjumper, team red, 18inch. Fox forks, hope mini brakes, mavic rims, black chris king headset, spds, brand new xt chainset, thompson stem, xt bits,
crud catcher mud guards and led lights.
This is a lovely bike. It will be missing the xt quick release skewer for the front wheel - I still have that bit!
It was seen by a local being hauled off by 5 black teenagers towards london fields (what a surprise).
It was locked to railings and to a second bike.
2nd bike: Genesis single speed, white, with cut down handle bars.
We will pay a small fee for their recovery!

I sat looking at the bikes whilst I had lunch. The little f****** ran up, cut the locks and stole them whilst I had my back turned hugging 2 friends as I left!

Thank you for running this forum - it is a great idea.

If you have any information on this bike please email

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