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Monday, April 28, 2008

Trek soho 1.0 2008 17.5 inch frame


I had my bike (Trek Soho 1.0 2008 17.5 inch, silver) stolen between 6pm Friday 25th April - 10am Saturday 26th April. I'd left it outside the City Lit college on Wild Street WC2. It was only 6 weeks old and cost around 500 quid altogether so I'm pretty gutted. The frame number is WTU225SI5959C and I had it registered on the website, the barcode is 792022.

I had changed the bolts on the wheels to the pitlock security bolts so you can't get them off without the correct attachment, something the stupid thieves failed to spot.

If you see it please let me know.

Thanks very much,

If you have any information on this bike please email

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