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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2 x Dahon Boardwalk

Hi there,
I have had 2 folding bikes stolen from the lobby of our apartment (2nd floor) in Farringdon. They were stored in a locked cupboard beside the front door of our flat.
The bikes are black Dahon Boardwalk bikes. They were 1 gear, 6 months old and had brand new tires.
They are very distinctive as they were bought in the US and have a US flag on the frame which is (hopefully) impossible to remove.
I have photos and can send them if needed.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trek soho 1.0 2008 17.5 inch frame


I had my bike (Trek Soho 1.0 2008 17.5 inch, silver) stolen between 6pm Friday 25th April - 10am Saturday 26th April. I'd left it outside the City Lit college on Wild Street WC2. It was only 6 weeks old and cost around 500 quid altogether so I'm pretty gutted. The frame number is WTU225SI5959C and I had it registered on the website, the barcode is 792022.

I had changed the bolts on the wheels to the pitlock security bolts so you can't get them off without the correct attachment, something the stupid thieves failed to spot.

If you see it please let me know.

Thanks very much,

If you have any information on this bike please email

Monday, April 21, 2008

21st April: Litespeed Hyperion and Norco hybrid

Dear Sir/Madam,

A training companion of mine snet me a link to your site.

I would be very grateful if you could post the following notice for me on your forum:

Two bikes were stolen some time between 11pm on Sunday 20 April and 7am on 21 April from a residential address at King Henry's Road, London. The first was a men's Litespeed Hyperion, white with silver fades aluminium frame, carbon forks and rear stays, Shimano Ultegra groupset, black fizik arione saddle, Mavic cosmos wheels, old Time Impact pedals. The second was a unisex Norco hybrid bike, bronze coloured frame, basic shimano groupset, black selle italia saddle. Both are much loved by their owners.

I do not have photos of either bike available, but a £40 reward is on offer for each bike if they are found and returned to me.

Thank you

Kind regards
Paul Koffel

If you have any information on these bikes please email

19th April: LeMond Etape


I've just had my bike stolen. As you can probably guess, I'm completely distraught and gutted, so I won't elaborate.

The bike was a LeMond Etape, here are my images and a company image:

The bike was stolen from The Prince George pub in Hackney between 22:00-23:30. It is very, very new so is mostly in good condition, but has some scratching where my bike lock has hit it, and the top of the handlebars is slightly scratched where I've turned it upside-down for servicing. It's 8-speed with two front cogs, was bought from On Your Bike in Tooley st SE1, and was my life and soul. I'm a messanger so this has hit me very hard : (

Thanks endlessly,
Alex Story

If you have any information on this bike please email

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

5th April: Specialized Stumpjumper, Genesis Single Speed

Hi there,

If you could post this ad about 2 stolen bikes on your forum I would be very happy indeed.
2 bikes stolen from columbia road, saturday 5th april 2008.
1 specialized stumpjumper, team red, 18inch. Fox forks, hope mini brakes, mavic rims, black chris king headset, spds, brand new xt chainset, thompson stem, xt bits,
crud catcher mud guards and led lights.
This is a lovely bike. It will be missing the xt quick release skewer for the front wheel - I still have that bit!
It was seen by a local being hauled off by 5 black teenagers towards london fields (what a surprise).
It was locked to railings and to a second bike.
2nd bike: Genesis single speed, white, with cut down handle bars.
We will pay a small fee for their recovery!

I sat looking at the bikes whilst I had lunch. The little f****** ran up, cut the locks and stole them whilst I had my back turned hugging 2 friends as I left!

Thank you for running this forum - it is a great idea.

If you have any information on this bike please email

2nd April: Basso Viper

hi there,
would be great if you could put that on to your blog. thanks a lot!!!

my dark blue basso viper race bike with full campagnolo chorus group was stolen in front of nr 138 kingsland road wednesday, the 2nd of april, between 6 and 8h30 in the evening.
unfortunately i just have a b&w picture. i would give a reward of 50£ if somebody finds it somewhere on the streets of london(or elsewhere). he shamal wheels were left on the chain when it was stolen, so if it's seen out there, the bike will have different wheels on.


frame number is 9509137
frame size is 58.
i'm very sad...

If you have any information on this bike please email

Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 3: Sliver And Purple Cannodales

My bike, pictured below, has just been stolen- between 14.30 and 17.30 today in Greenwich, near Deptford Creek.
Also stolen was a purple Cannondale singlespeed with Bontrager Race Lite wheels, Miche crankset and white bar tape.

Just to clarify both wheels are 700C, the rear is a Mavic Open Pro on a Surly flip flop hub, the front is an Alex Rim on a Deore disc hub.
The tyres are both bright Orange Conti GP 4000's

If you have any information on this bike please email