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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

12 July 2005 Gray Fisher Cake DLX


My bike was stolen a little after 2 pm on Saturday the 12, of July. It is a 2005 Gary Fisher Cake DLX 1. It was stolen from the Tesco on Circus Road in St. John's Wood. It has a blue and black paint job and had carbon seat post and handle bars. The frame is extremely large 21 inch, so unless some one is well over 6 feet tall, the rider will look very odd on it. Also this bike has extremely unusual front suspension, a Maverick front fork, which is similar to a dirt bikes front shocks. There was a Specialized tire on the rear wheel, which was quite noticable.

The bike is in mint shape and quite a rare bike, I was just about to leave to go to France to ride in the alps for a few day on it. As you can imagine, I'm gutted, I built the bike from the frame up, and this bike means a lot to me. If anyone has any information on this, please contact the police (I have reported it stolen) or this blog.

Many Thanks,


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