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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

20 June Specialized Langster

Hi, I got my bike nicked, heres a description and the thread from the single speed website I'm on under the name vedubkid:

My lovely Specialized Langster, the rust brown 07 model, was nicked from outside the Hope and Anchor last night, 14/06, between 22:30 and 23:45 from a lamp post between the Hope, and Budgens supermarket on Upper St. It had a yellow Time Again sticker on the top tube, and a US Bombs sticker on the down tube, probably bin removed by now, and a Crud Catcher mudguard. I have tried reporting this theft on the Met website but the feckin' site keeps crashing.

I didn't have a photo unfortunately. I've put a similar post on Gumtree, and bin down Brick Lane this morning but so far nada.

If you could put thi on the blog I'd appreciate it. Charlie

If you have any information about this bike please email

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