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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

14 June Charge Plug, We The People BMX

Just had my front door kicked down @ 3:30am my road bike taxed as well as white We The People bmx

Road Bike- Dark Blue Charge Plug 08 size 56- fixed, white Deep Vs, white(mint humbug) vittoria rubinos, white charge grips, white old san marco saddle, white gusset bmx pedals, power grips. Slavery personified.

BMX- White we the people, black grips, black seat, black pegs right side, black 3 piece cranks

Charge is insured, bmx wasn't..

Pics are from the build (so no slack chain chat...) and one on the street after,minus the power grips, but bike was as described

Those bikes where my life- truly broken...

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