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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

12 July 2007 Trek 6000

Hi London cyclists,

My bike was stolen on Saturday 12th July 2008 in Holborn, Drake Street/Procter Street. It happened between 4 and 5 p.m.. It is a 2007 Trek 6000 Mountain Bike in silver, frame size 19,5 inch. The tyres I had changed to the thin Specialized Fat Boy and I had two black bottle holders fixed to the frame. The strange thing about it is that just when I locked it a guy (aged 15-20) was asking me how to get to Holborn Station. He was dressed in a light blue track suit, trainers (all Nike) and a baseball cap. He had a false diamond stud in his ear and looked as if he was from London, as if he knew where Holborn Station is. Spoiling his trendy look, he was carrying a small rucksack.

Having already excepted not to see my bike again I saw a guy cycling it today (Monday 28th July 2008) in Nelson Terrace/City Road, Islington. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get hold of it. I think the two persons, stealing it and cycling it could be the same person.

Although I dont have a lot of hope to see it ever again, I write this to let you know how things can come.
Cycling in London is a great thing but we have to be very watchful at any time to oppose thieves.

If you have any information on my bike email If you find it, there is a reward of £50.

Best regards, Michael

If you have any information about this bike please email

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