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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brick Lane Beware

From the London fixed gear forum:

Something a bit odd happened in brick lane this Wednesday after (my rather pathetic attempt at) polo. Was sitting in the bar right at the top of brick lane (on the right hand side) with my bike chained to 2 lamp posts in my line of site. This old guy came up to it, started checking it out, then lifted it up (at this point i bolted to the door clenching my fists). By the time I was right next to him he was making some suspicious arm gestures (golf swing?) to what appeared to be a window on the top floor of a building across bethnal green road, to the left of the street that the polo court is on. I dropped my bag on the floor and curtly told him to piss off, got a good look at his face in the process. While i was unlocking my bike I noticed half a magnet on the top tube. Cycled home feeling pretty angry.

I can only assume that
a) this guy (wearing a check blue shirt, blue jeans, heavy (fat) build, greying/thinning/shortish mousy brown hair, bright blue eyes (and with a squint)) had marked my bike with the magnet for someone else to come along and steal it(I had 2 locks on it, mini kryptonite and an abus cable lock);
and b) The people who would come along with bolt cutters etc were in the building across the street.

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