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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

20th February: on-one mtb, Schwinn Heavyduty, Raleigh Explorer

a white on-one INBRED frame from 3-4 years ago (has "reject" stickers all over it), fitted with pricy FOX tala$$$$ forks (imported from the US) , HOPE hydraulic brakes, rear wheel has a red SRAM cassette (both wheels are made by on one, with reetard rims), and his name was engraved on most parts of his bike (noticeably the frame, it was done with a real engraver too), along with his phone number. (W. Cleary)

some scum bag got into our house and helped themselves to his bike and someone's camera which was left in the same room by the entrance. it's been reported to the police and my mate says he sent a mail to the stolen bike blog too (although it's been a few days and nothing has come up still).

if you see parts of it (i expect they won't try to sell it as a whole bike), please let me know. this "burglary" happened on bethnal green road, at the corner of brick lane

If you have any information on this bike email

Stolen Outside HSBC bank Russel Sq on Wed!

26" Schwinn Heavyduty - Mtb/Cruiser with Surly D/O's fitted.

Red primer color.
Hope Hub brakes etc..

Anyone see this scoot around, call in @ bikefix - Holborn.


If you have any information on this bike email

Wanted (back):
The Raleigh Explorer women's bike (silver, pink, liliac) that was stolen on Saturday 16th February in Iliffe street around 2:30 pm.

You know who you are and I strongly recommend you give to it back!

If you have any information on this bike email

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