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Thursday, February 7, 2008

What to do when your bike is stolen

You come out of the coffee shop, and walk to where you locked your bike, but its not there, on the ground are two broken locks. Its happened to all of us, now here is what you should to to maximize the chance of getting your bike back.

Unless you can see the thief attempting a get away do not ring 999, the police do not consider this an emergency. Phone 02072301212 (the New Scotland Yard switchboard) and ask to be put through to the nearest police station, they will be more helpful. Go to the station and make a detailed report, note the officers names and numbers, the station they are from, the stations phone number and your case number.

Write down as many details as possible. What time did you lock up your bike, when did you last see it locked up, what locks you used, the location, and any other details. If you have a camera with you snap some pictures of the broken locks and what it was locked to. This will help if you try to claim from your home owners, renters, or cycle insurance.

Email us a detailed description of the bike, when and where it was stolen, how it was locked, and a few recent pictures. The more details the better. Post an add on gumtree with as much information as possible. Go to markets, Brick Lane is notorious for thieves selling stolen bikes on Sunday.

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